THE Mosaïc Charter

The Charter has been written by entrepreneurs for founders.
It is designed to be a pragmatic and factual set of rules with concise wording and goals for efficient implementation.
The Mosaïc Charter aims to enable for :
a shared
a sustainable
an inclusive
a peaceful
It’s a combination of business ethics, public diplomacy, social responsibility and actions to preserve the planet.

The Mosaïc Charter

It has been inspired by many corpus such as the UN ODD, EU & US business charters, Eco labels, The declaration of human rights, French laicity, English secularism and various sacred texts.
It is composed of ten mandatory undertakings and 50 optionals commitments that will be assessed yearly for every portfolio company. Abramundi will financially incentivize achievements.

Diversity, Inclusivity & Tolerance

Circular economy

Education & Training

Fair Work

Sustainable enterprise

Profit and Purpose

Dialogues among people

Honest informations

Laws, Regulation and Taxes

Open Business